A sampling of the Recording Projects

Thinkin'  Sonshine Jungle  Bungee  Escape  BodyBuilder 

CD:  Just Thinkin' Out Loud    Songs:  1.Do It Again 2.I Like To 3.Happy With My Jesus 4.I Will Fear No Evil 5.Praying While I’m Waiting 6.More Like You 7.A Little Puff Of Dust 8.In The Valley 9.Burden Lifter 10.One Blood 11.In Every Storm

CD:  Audible SONshine     Songs:  1.Again I Say Rejoice 2.Thou Art With Me 3.It’s Good But It’s Gonna Get Better 4.This Lamb 5.What Happened 6.Calvary’s The Reason Why 7. A Know-So Kind Of Feeling 8.I Am His Child 9.God Will Deliver Me 10.I Know God Is In It 11.Your Love Remains

CD:  Gettin' Outta This Jungle    Songs:  1.God’s Got It Covered 2.When Fear Overtakes My Faith 3.I Was Dead Once 4.Every Knee Shall Bow 5.I Can’t Jesus Can 6.That’s How You Know He’s God 7.Pray It Away 8.Count It All Joy 9.I Said He Said 10.Things God Doesn’t Know 11.You Can’t Go Too Far

CD:  Bungee Faith    Songs:  1.I Kinda Got A Feelin’ 2.Never A Time 3.Somebody Said 4.Church On Every Corner 5.Room With A View 6.Log Eye 7.The Father’s Son 8.Simon Says 9.If I Were In That Place 10.The Church Will Overcome 11.Friends In High Places

CD:  The Great Escape     Songs:  1.He’s Still God  2.He’ll Bring Me Out 3.I Remind Him Of His Future 4.I Can Do All Things Through Christ 5.Three Little Days 6.I Shouldn’t Be Amazed 7.In His Presence 8.When Faith Starts Talking 9.Jesus Has The Answer 10.The Father Cries 11.He’s A Sure Thing

CD:  Body Builder     Songs:  1.He IsWho He Is 2.I’m Saved 3.The Way Made 4.Trophies of Grace 5.Long, Long Way 6.Under the Blood 7.Since When 8.Say To The Mountain 9.Carry On 10.I Have An Anchor 11. How Much Did I Owe

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